I am young enough to still be naïve but experienced just enough to know better. I am the titular Alaskan Systems Administrator of ‘aksysadmin’. I cut my teeth on geekery by writing terrible Angelfire hosted webpages in notepad before I graduated to assembling a garbage pile of a PC and installing Red Hat Linux 7.0. From there, I somehow convinced myself Gentoo was a good idea. This experience led me to disavow my geekery, buy an iBook G4 and attend university with a liberal arts focus. I somehow managed to graduate with a Computer Science minor because I thought taking Programming in C courses would be fun. With my Philosophy degree safely in the mail I was all ready for my austere existence as a modern Viking / fisherman plying the Alaskan waters and winning beard growing championships, but I ended up in the public sector doing desktop support. The rest, as they say, is history.

I primarily work in the Microsoft ecosystem, with a focus on System Center Configuration Manager but also juggle storage, virtualization and networking. PowerShell is good but I miss apt-get.

I try to learn something new everyday and get a little better at what I do.

The opinions expressed here are wholly my own and do not reflect those of my current or former employers.